Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Does the prospect of seeing a massive sump pump get your heart aflutter? If so, this is the tour for you!

Answer the question ‘What goes on back there?’ From looking in on a sculpin nursery to seeing where our jellyfish “come from”, you will have complete access to every part of our aquarium. Led by a knowledgeable aquarist, this tour offers a rare look at our animals, our water systems, and our methods. The tour is approximately one hour; 10 people maximum.

Minimum of 48 hours advanced notice required. Please note that this tour runs at 2:30pm on Tuesdays only. Cost is Regular Admission plus $15+tax (per person). Max 10 people. Call 250 665 7511 or email groups@salishseacentre.org to reserve your spot.