Visiting the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is not going to be a passive experience.

Plan to become inspired – because we hope you will learn to cherish the ocean. The ocean needs you and there are many things you can do.


Library Guide for Parents

The Vancouver Island Regional Library in Sidney has created a list of recommended fiction and non-fiction books to teach children about our ocean. Click here to view the titles!

Protecting the Core Habitat of Southern Resident Killer Whales

A project funded in part by Canada’s Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk and sponsored by the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

The Northeast Pacific population of Southern Resident Killer Whales is Endangered. Canada’s recovery strategy for the Southern Resident Killer Whale lists acoustic disturbance and environmental contaminants as threats that can “prevent recovery.” The year-round presence of some Southern Resident Killer Whales in Sidney and Victoria’s active backyards makes it worthwhile to familiarize area residents to the world of underwater noise and chemical pollution. Click on the link below for information on the threats to these animals and to find out what you can do to help them.

Reduce Contaminants in Killer Whale Habitat

We can reduce the amount of pesticides and other chemical compounds that end up in killer whale habitat from sources such as watercraft and industrial and household chemicals. No matter where we live, common household chemicals can make their way into rivers and the ocean and have the potential to harm the health of killer whales and their prey.

The CRD has put together a list of environmentally safe and affordable alternatives to most household cleaners. Click here for the full list!

You can help reduce contaminants by adopting a killer whale!

By pledging to “adopt” a Southern Resident Killer Whale, you are supporting important research already in progress!

Go directly to the Southern Resident Killer Whale adoption site of the Vancouver Aquarium by clicking here.

Victoria Seafood Audit

A Survey of Victoria’s Sustainable Seafood Products

The Victoria Seafood Audit Project aims to provide the citizens of Victoria with the knowledge of where their local grocers and favourite restaurants stand amongst the debate of seafood sustainability. A total of 29 restaurants and 10 grocery stores were assessed to determine what species were being sold by retailers in the greater Victoria area and where these products were coming from. 

Based on the information provided from these establishments, each species was assessed using Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guide and given a colour – red, yellow or green – to represent their intrinsic environmental sustainability. The assessed establishments were then ranked according the proportion of red, yellow or green species they were selling.


Check out the following for more opportunities on how you can Take Action!