Celebrate science on this non-instructional school day! Free with admission.

Join staff, volunteers and special guests to celebrate science! The day will be full of NEW interactive science-themed games, activities and presentations.

What’s on:

10:30 — Underwater Exploration Storytime                   

11:00 - 1:00 — Create a Science Journal         

11:30 — Science Secret Agents by Parks Canada

1:00 — Squid Dissection Demonstration                                     

2:00 — “Science and Research” Bingo                              

3:00 — Act like an Aquarist Activity                            

3:30 — Killer Whale Photo-ID (new and improved!)  


All day — Let’s Talk Science Activity Booth

All day —Parks Canada Booth

All day — NEW Science Sea Day Scavenger Hunt

All day —Extra Microscopes!

All day — Create a Humpback Whale Photo-identification Image        

All day — "Getting buggy for bug biomass!": Uvic Student, showcases her honours thesis research project.

Afternoon only — Bivalve Survey Activity with Parks Canada Clam Garden Team

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