Celebrate science on this non-instructional day! Free with admission.

Join staff, volunteers and special guests to learn about science. Demonstrations, experiments, scavenger hunts, giveaways and more!

Special guests:

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site, Let's Talk Science, LGL Ltd.

Schedule of events:

10:30—Storytime and craft. How do some scientists study the ocean? With scuba, of course. This special storytime will take you diving with your own scuba mask creation.                                        

11:30—Salmon dissection. Join an educator as she dissects a salmon. Learn the form and function of the outside AND the inside of these important fish.                  

12:30—Water quality testing. One of our animal care staff will come out from behind the scenes to teach how we test our water and keep it healthy.

1:00—Fish-tagging demonstration. Join our special guest biologist and watch her insert a tag into a fish. You’ll have the opportunity to see and hear the technology used in this process.                   

2:00—Planktonpalooza. Join us for Planktonpalooza and learn more about these amazing organisms then participate in a plankton race. Can you predict the winners with your newfound knowledge? Test it out by designing and building your own plankton. Parent supervision is required for plankton-making.                       

3:00—Ocean acidification experiment. How would an ocean with increasing acidity affect animals with a shell? Join us for a short cartoon followed by a quick experiment.                   

3:30—Be a biologist. How do scientists tell one whale from another? Try your hand at photo-identification.