The Institute of Ocean Sciences, Ocean Networks Canada, and the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea are proud to present: 

The North Pacific – Our Ocean Is Changing and Why We Should Care by Dr. Kenneth L. Denman

The North Pacific Ocean controls our weather and climate in British Columbia. Moreover, it is home to the marine ecosystems that support our fisheries – especially the iconic salmon. Humans, both directly by activities including overfishing and various forms of polluting, and indirectly by changing the climate through producing more greenhouse gases, are causing changes in the North Pacific and its ecosystems beyond those expected from natural variability. In this talk, Dr. Denman will describe key features of the North Pacific and the coastal waters of British Columbia, and will show recent observations of how these waters are changing. He will conclude with forecasts on how the ocean is expected to change in future decades, and how marine ecosystems are likely to respond to these changes.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Free admission, maximum 100 people.