Community Support

The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is committed (in our limited capacity as a charitable organization ourselves) to supporting efforts that meet our mandate, mission and vision for a healthy and sustainable Salish Sea with a focus on learning, exploration and conservation.


All requests for donations from the Centre should meet the following requirements:

  • Your organization/cause is a not-for-profit, community pursuit
  • Your organization/cause is in our geographic region of Southern Vancouver Island (exceptions may be made for efforts in the Salish Sea Bioregional boundary)
  • Your request is for furthering science and cultural learning, Salish Sea environmental research or conservation, and Coast Salish Indigenous initiatives.

If your request fits the above criteria, please apply by email to: Ensure that you include the following information:

  • Name of not-for-profit organization/cause and key contact
  • Description and date of event
  • A brief explanation of how the proceeds from the fundraiser will be used
  • At least one month’s notice prior to the event in order to consider your request.


Requests that do not meet our requirements will not be responded to. The Centre reserves the right to make and withdraw donations as it sees fit.

The Centre’s standard donation is 6 (six) admission passes valued at ($105). We donate tickets once per year per organization. Thank you and good luck with your community efforts.